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Rose Geranium Face + Body Oil | 8oz


Rose Geranium Face + Body Oil | 8oz

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Olive oil, argan oil, rose hip oil and rose geranium essential oil. Especially nice on slightly damp skin when you first get out of the bath.

About Saipua: Saipua is home to the creative practices of artist and educator Sarah Ryhanen and her network of collaborators and co-conspirators. Saipua began in 2006 with a Brooklyn studio devoted to the dual crafts of flower arranging and soap-making (Saipua means “soap” in Finnish, a nod to Sarah's heritage and the tradition of Sauna). Through her floral practice, Sarah has cultivated a distinct aesthetic, inspiring a broad movement in floral design. Saipua's work has adorned weddings worldwide, runway shows, and collaborations with artists and organizations. Over the years Saipua has developed into a dynamic consortium of creative endeavors; cultivating products, spaces, educational programing, and experiences that foster and encourage more intimate and provocative connections to the natural world. The Farm at Worlds End, founded in 2011, has become the current headquarters of the Saipua team.