Ceramic Candle Stick Holder | No. 1

In August Company

Ceramic Candle Stick Holder | No. 1

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This handmade candle stick holder is a new companion for your small home rituals. We wish you both a good time. Each piece is hand–sculpted by Karolína and assembled by hand. They are made of stoneware clay, finished with transparent glaze, and high-fired in the gas kiln. After bisque firing, most pieces are hand-drawn by Karolina, so it‘s always one-of-a-kind. All are slightly similar, yet each is original. The holder is sold without a candle. It is made to work with regular dinner candles, depending on the size. For the candle to fit, we recommend to melt them at the base (if smaller), or to shave down (if they're bigger).

-Dishwasher safe

About In August Company: We are a small company hand-crafting homeware (textile, ceramics and wood) in the Czech Republic. We’re both design enthusiasts, creatives and keen collectors, so soon after we started living together, it became quite clear that this shared love of design and fine craftsmanship was going to take us somewhere fun. It first started as a project combining our two passions – drawing and photography and, before long, we took it a step further and began designing objects for everyday use. Our products came out of passion and love for objects around us. We developed a certain need to surround ourselves with beautiful things. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ceramic cup, a wooden table, or a cotton throw. We simply realized that living with things that are well made and have a story behind them puts us in a good mood and makes us who we are. It’s extremely important for us to make things we’d actually want to buy. We design most of the products ourselves but as we have many creative and talented people around us, we also like to collaborate with other friends and designers. But still, each piece is designed especially and only for In August Co. We use and test all of them at our home, holiday cottage, and studio to make sure that they really work.