Mediation Chart

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Mediation Chart

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"It seemed a little odd, at first—the idea of a coffee company making a meditation chart. But it felt less so when we connected that mindfulness and existing in the present were at the heart, if not the foundation, of starting Canyon. Turning our daily coffee-making from something rote and mundane into a ritual gave us an opportunity to slow down and make every morning special. Making coffee with intention is, in its own rite, a form of meditation.

The chart is void of actual dates because we feel one's meditation practice starts, continues and ends regardless of dates. If you miss a day, you can start over at Day 1, or just continue and celebrate your progress.

We added a small circle around day 42, as this is a conservative estimate for the number of days of a routine to turn it into a habit."

Illustrated by Casey
Letter-pressed in Downtown Los Angeles